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Your Acrylic Course will cover;

* Theory

* Practical - Both on practice Nails and a Live Model.

* Nail Shapes

* Application of tips

* Correct tip sizing

* Beads - knowing the correct liquid to powder ratio 

* Filing - knowing the correct Grit to use and the reasoning as to why we use that grit.

* Nail Shapes - We will go through different nail shapes that there are and practice shaping nails to the different shapes that we have.

* Consultation


Case studies are required for this course in order to receive your certificate of completion.

If you wish to learn how to sculpt a Nail with acrylics as well as the normal tip application then you can add this on for an extra £50.00 (normally £99.00). Please do let us know at the time of booking. 

Please note, if you do add on the sculpting course, you will also receive a separate certificate qualifying you in this. Case studies will also be required for sculpting.

You can choose to add on a kit to your course. the course without a kit is £150.00 and £250.00 if you wish to have a starter kit included. You kits will include;

* Nail Tips

* Acrylic Powder

* Monomer

* Files

* Tip Cutters

* Primer

* Dehydrator 

If you would like to book onto an acrylic course but cannot see a date that you are able to do, please do contact us and we would love to help you find a course date that you are able to attend.

call us on; 07979503501

email us on;